Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you have an affiliate programme? How much do you pay for the acquired customers? How can I withdraw the agents’ remuneration?
2. Do you offer trust management?
3. Please advise what documents are required for the account opening?
4. How long will it take to withdraw funds?
5. How long does it take to credit funds on the account?
6. Are there any limitations for the online cash withdrawal?
7. Please advise how I can withdraw assets by wire transfer?
8. What is the min. account amount in your company?
9. What is your minimal leverage?
10. What is SWIFT?
11. I want to get some training in trading at financial markets. How can I do it?
12. Why are there just a few financial instruments displayed in my Market Watch, although your site says that you provide trading opportunities for a much wider range of instruments?
13. What does the "IR 150" entry in the Rate Streamer mean? What is meant by ‘account fee-150’?
14. What should I do if the Rate Streamer messages: "Can't allocate account"?
15. What should I do if the Rate Streamer messages:’Invalid login’?
16. I use a Safe service but I want to switch to a Standard. How can I do this?
17. What is your commission for money depositing and withdrawal?
18. In which currency can I withdraw money? In which currency can I make a money transfer?
19. I want to make a deal, but a "Not enough money" message is displayed. What does it mean?
20. Please advise why the Interest rated was not credited on my account or was credited not in full?
21. I have registered on your site but I have not received confirmation on my e-mail. Why has it not happened?
22. I cannot set the Stop-Loss (Take-Profit) order. The "Invalid stops" message is displayed. What does it mean?
23. I want to set Buy Limit, Sell Limit, Buy Stop or Sell Stop orders, but "Invalid Price" is displayed. What is the reason?
24. I want to become a partner of the Company. Information on the site is insufficient. How can I learn more?
26. I installed the Pending Order for CFD [Intel]. But next day my order was deleted. The Pending Orders for EUR\USD and Gold were not deleted. What is the reason?
27. I am a client of the Company. Two days ago I sent a question to the support service by email to [email protected] I still have not received any answer. Why?
29. Should I pay profits tax?
30. How long can I keep an the opened position?
31. What is the Forex Family programme?
32. What is the spread value in your company?
33. Do you offer trading in shares? Are there dividends accrued on the stock?
34. I have a pending order or a Take-Profit order which have not been executed in spite of the price given. Or, the order was executed but at the price different from the given. Why does it happen?
35. Are there any limitations for the Safe service?
36. I assume that on the Non deposit account it is obligatory to complete the trading volume of 3 lots within 3 days, Am I right?
37. Is it compulsory to double the account for the Non-deposit Forex? Can I withdraw my profit if after 3 days it is less than USD 100?
38. I would like to open a non-deposit account, but the system informs me that this service is not available. What is the problem?
39. Are there any specific limitations on the Non-deposit accounts? What happens if I break the Company rules?
40. The bonus is accrued. May I use it for trading?
41. I have opened an account but I changed my mind and I don’t want to trade. How can I withdraw my funds?
42. In what currency can I make a money transfer? What are the methods I can use for that?
43. Are there any contests arranged by your Company? What are the conditions?
44. For how long is the account information stored in the Company archives?
45. I cannot access the account (Password lost) or/and cannot access the Personal area. What should I do?