Risk Warning

Trading in the financial instruments market with all its profitability is associated with certain risks. Such risks may include:

Technological risk:

The risk related connected with energy tripping, failures of communication lines, providers' equipment, shutdown of quotation feeders, etc.;

Market risk:

The risk associated with unfavorable change of price on financial instruments. In order to control possible losses, the Client can use stop-loss instructions to liquidate loss-making positions, when a specified price is reached. Placement of such order does not always limit the Client's losses to the assumed amount, if unfavorable conditions are formed in the market, e.g. abrupt price change;

Operational risk:

The Client should understand that in case of rapid price movement, it is not always possible to fulfill the Client's instruction regarding the desired price. This is particularly true in case of rapid price movements or low liquidity of the market;


The Client should understand that the market may become very unstable in case of world crises, terrorist acts, defaults, government dismissals, dramatic changes of some economic indicators, etc.

Other risks

Trading financial instruments in general and trading financial instruments via the Internet in particular are hi-tech services. This provision of risk description cannot describe all risks associated with carrying out of trading activities. In this regard, the Client should study financial instruments trading as thoroughly as possible before starting trading activities.

Trading conditions, some articles and also rules of the Company currently in force may be different for different countries or regions.

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