Install MetaTrader 4 on your smartphone

Install app

To install the mobile version of the MetaTrader 4 trading platform on an Android powered device switch to the app’s page in Google Play or type “MetaTrader 4” in its search box.

To install the mobile version of the MetaTrader 4 trading platform on an iOS powered device switch to the app’s page in App Store or type MetaTrader 4” in its search box..

Choose an app signed by MetaQuotes Software Corp. out of the list of the results (it tends to be the first in the line), visit its page and press the “Download” button.

The app will be installed and you will be able either to find it in the apps list on your device or it will open right away.

First launch and connect account

As soon as the app is launched you will see a window, where you will have to pick one out of three options: start without registration, open a personal demo-account or connect a pre-existing account.

To come back to the “New account” window click on the “Trading accounts” option in the “Settings” tab and click on “+”.

Start without registration

An anonymous demo-account is a great option for those who want to get used to the platform and trade virtual money without indicating any personal data. Just click on “Start without registration” and the program will assign you with an anonymous account automatically.

An anonymous account is opened without registration, so it is only available from this particular device.

Open a personal demo-account

If you have not yet opened any accounts, you can create a personal demo-account right in the app. However, it requires registration. To open a personal demo-account:

  1. 1.Pick “Open a personal demo-account”.
  2. 2. Type the name of the broker Larson Livein the search box and pick the corresponding trading server.

Indicate your personal data and account settings and press “Register”.

In the app, you can only open demo accounts. To create a real trading account, please register on the site.

Connect pre-existing account

If you already have a real or demo account:

  1. 1. Pick “Connect pre-existing account”.
  2. 2. Indicate the broker you have an account with in the search box. Pick the trading server you need in the emerged window.

Insert your login and password and press “Login”. After logging into the account there will open a “Quotes” window.

In the bottom of the screen there is a toolbox with five tabs:

  • Quotes. Click here to view quotes of financial instruments real-time.

  • Chart. Click here to view the prices graphs, choose a timeframe and add indicators.

  • Trading. Click here to view the account state, information on opened deals, to close or change the order.

  • History. Click here to view the history of your closed trading operations.

  • Settings. Click here to add or delete the account, adjust the graphs, view news or check your mail box.

How to open an order?

To open an order:

  1. 1. In “Quotes” tab click on the currency pair sign. Pick “Trading” in the context menu.
  2. 2. There will open a window where you will be able to choose the order size and type, set the required levels of Stop Loss, Take Profit and Deny. After all the positions are set press either the “Buy” button or the “Sell” button, depending on the type of your trading operation.