On-Line or Web representative

On-line or web representative - is the companies’ agent who draws clients through the internet and gets the commission for every trading lot. As distinct from the off-line office web representative does not have the real office and works without registration of the legal entity. If you consider opening of country or in-field office it is completely different type of partnership with the higher expenses, responsibility and profit. You may get more info about of line representative office here.

Now we come back to the on-line partnership. To be our partner and draw customers, called referrals to our company you do not have to compile any documents. All you have to do is just to register the real account and you do not even have to replenish is. Your account (login) is you individual partner number. Suppose your login is 123456.

Now when you put the banner in the internet, post a message on forum and blog, you just have to add the link https://www.lh-broker.com/123456, and if anyone follow the link to our web site the computer of this person will marked with the special code, called cookie. When later this very person, your future referral will open an account, he/she will be automatically placed in you group, you will see him/her account in your personal area (section My Referrals) and will get the commission from every trade of the referral. Moreover if the client will open an account in six month it will be automatically attached to your login.

Below you can find the table with commission remuneration for 1 standard lot ( = 100 000 basic currency) for web representatives. The remuneration is calculated accordingly when the clients transaction is larger or smaller than one lot. Immediately after the full trade (opening price should differ from the closing price on at least 3,0 pips) is closed the commission is automatically accrued on your account. When the difference between opening and closing price is less than 3,0 pip only 50% of the indicated commission is accrued:

Referral’s service Pay Off Start Comm Accruals Withdrawal
Non deposit account After refill 3$ upon trade closing >100$
Non deposit account After 3 lots 5$ upon trade closing >100$
Real account, Classic From the start 10$ upon trade closing >100$
Real account, NDD From the start 2$ upon trade closing >100$
Demo account No No No No

Commission is accrued in the real time mode right upon the trade is closed. We can use is for trading or withdraw when the balance is more than USD 100

The agents’ accounts may be used for trading, for balance operations( replenishment) and certainly for the remuneration withdrawal, You are welcome to choose manual or automatic mode.

Thus the account of web representative is the regular trading account that is additionally rewarded for the attracted customers. It can be any account type Start, Standard, Safe, NDD and even Non Deposit, although we do not recommend to use the Non deposit account as the agent one if you are not planning to replenish them. Please note that from time to time the system deletes Zero Non deposit accounts Moreover if you have chosen the Non deposit account for commission pay off the remuneration starts only when the tree day period is over.

It is highly recommended to register the agents’ account on the Start, Standard, Safe, NDD. The replenishment is not obligatory for the commission pay off.

More detailed information can be obtained in the personal area of the on-line partner

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