Forex Classic

Larson&Holz It Ltd supports two major account types - Classical и NDD. This site offers registration of the Classical accounts .

The main advantage of the “Classic” Forex accounts is the guaranteed execution of the pending orders as well as the maximum spread limitation regadless market conditions.

Even at the very moment of the breaking news announcement when the real market spread may be very high, the special software does not let the spread to exceed the certain pre-determined values. The average spread for majors is 1,4 -1,8 pips and the maximum is 5,0 – 7,0 pips.

Also there are a lot of additional options available for the Classic service. Starting from interest rate and up to various bonus programmes. For the details please visit.

The Classic accounts disadvantages are spreads higher than ofr the NDD account and slower execution.

Classic account is the perfect solution for the beginners, as well as for the traders who prefer a few intraday trades.