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In our fast high-tech world, it's necessary to be a multi-skilled professional to earn a living successfully. Today people know very well that a good education is the main key to success. And not just an education, but a practice-based education. Because, as we know, theory alone will never be effective enough.

Only narrow specific skills can help you move forward and reach new heights in any profession, especially in trading, a difficult profession that demands a lot of attention and concentration. But usually, a novice account manager simply can't find where to get such skills. Until recently all they could do was to self-educate.

It is impossible to trade without knowing all the fine details of financial markets, pricing mechanisms and important factors that influence them. You have to find your way in the daily flood of analytical information, to see the real important news and events that actually matter, that have to be taken into consideration when you make your suggestions about the price changes for your asset.

Of course, this is something that comes with experience. This is why high-quality analytical reviews by experienced specialists are so praised by all of the traders. In online trading, perfect timing of the information you find is a crucial factor for your success.

The Analytics Department at Larson&Holz gathered all the experts with huge experience in the world's financial markets, who never stop improving their skills and increasing the pool of their knowledge. If you do need carefully filtered information and useful advice from competent specialists that guarantee success in trading, Larson&Holz is what you need.

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Our company has developed educational programmes for people at different levels of competence. The wide choice of educational programmes will suit both novices and professionals.

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